Reifenhaus Wuppertal

Tyres and service

At our headquarters in Wuppertal, as a partner-company, we operate Reifenhaus Wuppertal with a tyre dealership, garage and warehouse.

Reifenhaus Wuppertal

Tyres for trucks and passenger cars

Reifenhaus Wuppertal at 135 Schwelmer Str., D-42389 Wuppertal is part of a group of enterprises focused around the Andreas Wolmann transport company. Apart from the additional space for a transport and logistics company, our customers and partners can find a garage and a sales area.

You can buy everything related to tyres at our store, both for the commercial, as well as the private sector. The garage and hall located here satisfy all the requirements in terms of the repairs and tyre replacements conducted by us. Of course, this also applies to handling trucks.

Andreas Wolmann

Tel.: 0202 / 870 748 10
Mob.: 0177 / 6003013
Fax.: 0202 / 870 748 20
Schwelmer Straße 135, 42389 Wuppertal


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